Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jack's at Harbor One Marina - Old Saybrook, CT

I hope you all enjoyed Memorial Day weekend! We were blessed with perfect weather and after enjoying some time with friends at a party, we hightailed it to the beach.

Last summer, we were delighted to find a “hidden” gem down at the marina in Old Saybrook, serving the greatest hot dogs around. (The Mr. fell for the mini-burgers) We snuck over there for snacks in between sand time, devouring dogs on butter grilled buns. Did I mention they also make a mean egg sandwich? *sigh*

SOOOO….with memories of last summer fresh on our minds, we headed over on Monday to check out the place. Rumor has it that someone in the car may have whooped with glee when the “OPEN” sign was spotted. We walked in, checked out the chalkboard menu and couldn’t believe our eyes…NO HOT DOGS. Mostly a selection of breakfast and lunch sandwiches (a $17 lobster roll if you want to splurge). After a quick regroup in the corner, we decided to order egg sandwiches and some delicious Ashlawn Farm coffee. While waiting, we felt bad for the young man working as he had to repeatedly tell people they weren’t serving hot dogs. In the owner’s defense, I would like point out that he does have a place, Jack Rabbit’s on Main Street in Old Saybrook, which DOES serve his famous “Dragon” dogs and creative burgers. But not nearly as fun as sneaking off to the little place in the marina! We sat outside, enjoying our breakfast and savoring the coffee. The egg sandwich is very straightforward…fried egg and cheese on a soft roll. Simple and perfect.

Let’s consider this my open letter to Jack, PLEASE bring back the Dragon dogs.

Jack Rabbit's

Ashlawn Farm Coffee