Sunday, July 25, 2010

Connecticut Valley Winery - New Hartford, CT

Yesterday we were pleasantly surprised with a call from Grandma, SHE had decided to take Jr. for the day. We found ourselves with an entire afternoon alone, so we headed to the most obvious place...Target. On the way home we decided to finally visit Connecticut Valley Winery. I had been driving by it for the last couple of years, admiring it's rustic beauty.

The winery is family owned, and the grapes are all grown in the state. Wine making is not easy and takes several years to come to fruition when growing your own grapes. I think a lot of people easily dismiss their local wineries, but let me tell you....there is a lot of heart and soul in that tasting glass. Don't discount them!

The tasting room is very spacious and airy, which lends to browsing their selections or savoring a glass at the nearby tables. The son of the owner, a very knowledgable young man, led us through their current selections, both red and white. A standout white was the "Chardonel", a late growing grape that produces a full bodied wine with a tinge of fruit. My favorite red was the "Black Tie Cabernet Franc", a dry, complex wine.  I personally love Cabernet Francs, and this was one of the best I have tried in recent memory.  I thought all of the wines were excellent quality, and it's clear the family takes the business seriously.

As enjoyed our glass of Chardonel out on the patio, we relaxed while others enjoyed picnic feasts and soaked up the gorgeous view. A little slice of heaven in our corner of the world. 

Connecticut Valley Winery