Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'll stop the world and melt with you

Have you ever been chatting with a friend about your hot new sandals, and three seconds later, you find out they don’t like ice cream? WHOA. DID NOT SEE THAT COMING. Then you spend the rest of the conversation wondering how you overlooked such an obvious character flaw?

Growing up in the Cheeseburger family, there was always a half gallon of something in the freezer, usually Dad’s favorite flavor that no one else liked. And what about the excitement of going to Grandma’s house; where she stocked EVERYONE’s favorite AND you had your choice of cones?

Sure, ice cream is okay during the winter. But as thoughts turn to summer, it’s time for the quintessential ice cream experience. You know what I am talking about. Maybe it starts out with a drive to a local farm. You read the chalkboard of the day’s offerings and stroll up to the tiny screened window, where a young person takes your order. A minute later, the little trap door opens and they hand out your cup or cone. You fork over $20 (after all, you only ordered the small cone) before grabbing 35 napkins from the dispenser. Then you start chowing before the ice cream starts melting all over your white linen shirt. Paradise!

The Cheeseburger’s tour o' ice cream has started for 2011, has yours? What’s your flavor?


Lynn said...

My 2011 tour started Mother's Day weekend when we went to a place very much like you describe & I had a tiny "kid" cone of ginger ice cream (got to start the season with my favorite).

Summer is for ice cream and there will be weekends when I'll hit two different ice cream stands on the same day :)

Lisa Murphy said...

We started our tour at Mortensen's in Cromwell. Our family fav is Moose Tracks! Mortensen's is regularly snubbed by the Courant because they use a mix to blend their ice creams so the Courant doesn't call it homemade. We love it anyway!

Michelle said...

Our tour started on Mother's Day at Tulmeadow Farm in Simsbury, and it really hit the spot!