Sunday, October 4, 2009

Staropolska - New Britain, CT

Located in the heart of a large, bustling Polish community, Broad Street is lined with restaurants, delis, bakeries and produce markets. If you’re looking for Polish foods, (and reasonably priced, fresh produce!) this is the place to visit. In our world of superstores and lifestyle centers, neighborhoods like Broad Street are a dying breed.

We ventured to Broad Street yesterday with a hankering for kielbasa and other goodies. As it was a rainy afternoon, we limited our visit to two places, but I will mention our other favorites at the end of this post.

Staropolska – a small, welcoming place located at the top of Broad Street. On any given day, you’ll spot local politicians, business owners, residents and visitors all sharing authentic, freshly prepared Polish cuisine served up by a very friendly waitstaff.

On your first visit, go for the gusto with the “Polish Platter” (pictured) This hearty plate contains: Kielbasa, an assortment of three pierogis, mashed potato, bigos (a stew made of sauerkraut, kielbasa and beef, I could eat a bowl of the stuff), 1 potato pancake, 1 golabek (stuffed cabbage) and applesauce. Did I leave anything out? Oh, and a dollop of sour cream. The pierogis are typically: potato and cheese, sauerkraut and mushroom, and beef and veal. Now that you’ve gotten your feet wet, make a return visit and try some of the other traditional favorites such as: white borscht soup, stuffed pork loin or veal meatballs.

There is also outdoor seating, which makes for a pleasant experience in the warmer months. All and all, if you’ve never enjoyed real Polish food, Staropolska is well worth the visit from anywhere.

After picking up our grub, we headed to the store directly across the street, Nozewski Meat Products. Mostly a deli, they also carry groceries and a nice selection of pierogis. Do not be intimidated by the Polish signs and labeling. The staff will assist in making your meat selections. Be adventurous!

Sampling of other places to try on your visit to Broad Street:

Polmart (anything and everything)
121 Broad Street

Rarytas Polish Deli (try the cold cuts, you’ll never visit your grocery store deli counter again)
38 Broad Street

Cracovia (another excellent Polish restaurant – DO try it)
60 Broad Street

Kasia Bakery
88 Broad Street

The Farm (produce)
166 Broad Street


NMOS said...

Oh man, that all looks delicious. Nice blog....especially the title.

Lisa said...

Ahh a girl after my own heart....Rarytas also has great pierogies and kielbasa. That whole neighborhood is full of great polish food.