Wednesday, November 11, 2009

DISH n' Dat Redux

First, let me state the obvious. Argentinian Malbec and Aged White Cheddar popcorn are NOT an ideal pairing for an evening snack.

Last night we decided to pack up Cheeseburger Jr. and head out for dinner on a school night. We chose “DISH n’ Dat” because we had been there just after it opened and thought it a good idea to check it out again. I’ve been looking forward to one thing since the last visit…chicken and waffles.
SOOO, we arrived and after a short wait, we were seated in a comfortable booth. There were people of all ages enjoying dinner…older couples, teenagers, and young families.

Breakfast was calling our name, but nothing could get in the way of my chicken and waffles. The Mr. ordered fish tacos and Jr. ordered macaroni and cheese. Our food arrived and we were ready to dig in. I would have been ready, if I had a chainsaw. The chicken appeared to be over-fried, as it was covered in a dark brown crust. I reached into my purse for some optimism and decided to try it. The chicken itself was very moist, but the coating was very bland and lacked flavor. The waffle seemed a bit overcooked also; although I did like the light drizzle of molasses (?) based syrup.

On the flip side, the Mr. enjoyed his fish tacos. Two generously sized tortillas were served with mahi-mahi, cabbage, salsa and lime, with just the right amount of spice. He opted for the potato salad, which was pretty tasty and a side I will consider for future visits.

I think my expectations were pretty high for the second visit, and unfortunately, they fell short. I consider myself to be a fair critic when dining out, and understand they may still be ironing out kinks in the kitchen. I would definitely give them another chance as they offer the perfect atmosphere for family dining. They’ve got a winning formula for our area, let’s hope they continue to improve.

Oh, and by the way…try Argentinian Malbec and dark chocolate for your next evening snack. Wow.