Friday, September 10, 2010

The Coffee Trade - Avon, CT

It’s official, school has started and everyone is “back”. The changing weather and increased traffic can only mean one thing…a return to hot beverages. I’d like to dedicate this post to the unsung hero of my food world, coffee. And where does the Cheeseburger get her coffee? At the Coffee Trade of course! Always trying to support local businesses, they are a little slice of heaven in the hurried world we live in.

The Coffee Trade is one of those places that comes to mind when you hear someone say they would love to open a coffee shop. The husband and wife owners have created a cozy and interesting place, he the roaster and she responsible for the antiques that fill each space in the old farmhouse. Don’t worry, you can get your frou-frou drinks here, but the focus is on the coffee. They offer an interesting variety daily, ranging from the perfect morning brew “Olde Trade Blend” to my new favorite “Brazilian Dark Roast”. No matter the blend; they are smooth, rich with flavor and unique.

Order in and linger at one of the outdoor spaces or find your way to one of the tables inside. I dare you to walk in and not browse the selection of tea, vintage jewelry and other eye-catching items in the front room. It’s nearly impossible and somewhere in that room you will find the perfect gift for yourself or a friend.

Next time you are in the Avon area, stop by and savor a cup of coffee. Don’t you deserve it? If you can’t make it to the shop, check out the website for coffees that can be shipped to you. I am a big fan of their dark roasts for the French Press!

The Coffee Trade


Roland Holtzen said...

Coffee - every sip from the cup opens a lot of beautiful things; that is, from the industrious growers, worldwide trading posts, to ending up in your favorite mug - let's drink to that. There are just a lot of passionate people involved, just like the owners of that coffee shop.