Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It wasn’t a rock, it was a rock lobster!

Man, do I have some major writer’s block this week! It’s officially the Cheeseburger blog’s 1st birthday and I have nothing to say! Super!

I decided a fitting tribute would be to highlight a New England summertime favorite and the topic of many a heated discussion…the lobster roll. On a recent trip to the Cape (a requirement of every New England resident); I feasted on a wonderful lobster roll at PJ’s on Rt. 6 in Wellfleet. Now, I am not of those seafood nuts who eats them every day, screaming about who has the best one and “don’t go there, they use celery” or “they use potato rolls, what the fu*k”. All I know is we were simply enjoying vacation and a meal of simple elegance. Sweet lobster dressed oh so lightly with mayo on a toasted roll. I was always a hot buttered lobster girl, but I’ve changed my tune! It was so good that we went back a few days later. Apparently, the dude from “Ace of Cakes” declared them his favorite lobster roll on a Food Network show. Hey, if a cake expert tells me to eat lobster, I’m there.

PJ’s is a no-nonsense family place, offering seafood, fried chicken, ice cream, to name a few things. We also tried the clam chowder, and although I prefer mine thicker, it did have a buttery rich flavor and CLAMS. I know, weird concept. If you want no-frills seafood done right, give it a try next time you venture up to the Cape!