Saturday, September 26, 2009

Da Capo Restaurant - Avon, CT

I sit before you, glass of “Cannonball Cabernet” in hand and half deaf from revisiting the “Empire” CD by Queensryche.

We decided to check out Da Capo this evening after having a delicious lunch there a few days ago. Let me tell you, this place was PACKED. We arrived just in time, for when we were seated; there was a long line at the door. I have not seen such crowds at ANY restaurant in our area; I took it as a good sign.

The place was hopping and quite loud. Some people might be put off by the noise, but I think it added to the atmosphere. Do you really want to slurp your bucatini in silence? I didn’t think so.

We started things off with a glass of Mondavi Cabernet and a basket of warm rolls. Wait, did I say Mondavi? The wine list was very small and I was disappointed at the number of wines by the glass, (5 or 6?) and 50% were Italian.

You will recognize your favorites here….Parmigiana, Fra Diavolo, etc. For dinner we ordered Spinach Ravioli and the Carbonara. The house made ravioli was served with a fresh Pommodoro sauce; full of onions and tomatoes. The ravioli was not heavy, with the perfect blend of ricotta and spinach. The Carbonara aficionado declared his dish to be “very good”; although it arrived bathed in cream sauce, not in the traditional style as we have become accustomed. Dishes are served individual or family style. A neighboring table gasped at the size of their family style Fra Diavolo when it arrived at the table. Portions are generous, better strap on your bib and fire up your fork and spoon.

At lunch, I had ordered the Bucatini and Meatballs while my friend enjoyed the Rigatoni con Salsiccie. (pictured) Both dishes were satisfying and full of flavor.

But let’s cut to the “piece de resistance"; the tiramisu. To me, tiramisu is the calamari of desserts. It’s ubiquitous and easy to ruin. I’ve had it twice at Da Capo and it is one of the best I have ever had. THE perfect blend of mascarpone, expresso and ladyfingers. Do yourself a favor and order it. The desserts are made in house; I think I may need to try a cannoli or cheesecake next visit.

Service is extremely friendly and accommodating. I was impressed by the quality of service at dinner, given the level of activity. Those folks were working their tails off, and we appreciated their efforts. We can add Da Capo to our list of local favorites. Families, couples and friends were clearly enjoying their evening, could you ask for anything more?


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