Monday, September 28, 2009

The Marriage of Food and Music

There are three things I require every day to survive: coffee, music and air. (in that order) If you’ve ever spent more than 5 minutes in my presence, you know that I always have music playing no matter where, what or with whom. One of my favorite times of the day is when I arrive home, quivering with anticipation to prepare dinner. I roll up my sleeves and fire up the Ipod. With tunes blasting, the cooking begins. Once dinner is ready, I am rejuvenated and relaxed. Here is the current “Kitchen Mix”:

“That’s Not My Name” – The Ting Tings
“Somebody Told Me” – The Killers
“Celebrity Skin” – Hole
“Can You Rock It Like This?” – Run DMC
“Lowlife” – Kid Rock
“Champagne Supernova” – Oasis
“Candy” – Iggy Pop
“Troublemaker” – Weezer
“City of Blinding Lights” – U2
“Stronger” – Kanye West
“Love Don’t Live Here” – Lady Antellebum
“Jai Ho” – Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack
“Overpowered by Funk” – The Clash
“Ruby” – Kaiser Chiefs
“Overture and All That Jazz” – Catherine Zeta Jones

I often read about musicians who are not only gourmands, but serious wine collectors. Did you think they ate Taco Bell and drank Schlitz in that jet? I think musicians enjoy food and wine because it’s a seamless transition from music. Both are nourishing and stimulating to the senses. A marriage made in heaven. Think about your favorite dish, song or wine…how do they make you feel?


andrea said...

thank goodness I have Riley to sing the melody b/c I don't know titles :) definitely great choices! great writing...