Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Otto Pizzeria - NYC

My husband and I discovered Otto Pizzeria by accident. We were wandering around the University area one night without a plan or dinner reservation. It was decided that we would just stop at the next place we found, regardless of cuisine, wait or price. (talk about a crap shoot). So, at 9:00 p.m. we strolled in, not knowing what to expect. We were not disappointed.

Otto is run by Mario Batali & Co; owners of several restaurants in the city and beyond. Judging by the crowd, Otto is clearly a place for everyone to enjoy. Toddlers noshing on pizza, visiting NYU parents enjoying wine and small plates, tourists soaking up the atmosphere…you get the idea.

We’ve been to Otto many times since and we never start our meal without ordering the platter of house cured meats. The pork chops my mother broiled for 2 hours did not melt in your mouth like the Prosciutto, Lonza, Coppa, Testa and Salumi.

Pasta dishes are excellent; try the spaghetti alla carbonara and pasta all Norma, to name a few. The Carbonara is perfection and highlights how delicious a simple pasta dish can taste. (Do you hear the screams of your pasta drowning in red or cream sauce? Not here!)

Now, don’t be a slouch and ignore the dessert menu. The gelatos are divine, my personal favorite being the olive oil.

The Italian wine list is quite lengthy and worth exploring. The waitstaff is very helpful in making recommendations.

One of our favorite places in the city!