Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hello my fine foodie friends!

I woke up this morning thinking about my grandmother and her influence in my life. Having a large family to feed and care for, her day often started before sunrise. The rest of the day was spent planning lunches for my grandfather (Fried Spam anyone?) and dinner for the family. I loved poring over cookbooks and magazines with her to plan Sunday dinner. (an obsession that continues to this day) She loved finding new recipes to try and was delighted when we cleaned our plates. Her house was also the place I tried all sorts of novelties. (Cup O’Noodles! Magic Shell!) Then there were the special occasions where Grandpa would announce that he was taking us out for a REAL steak dinner. Off we went to Ponderosa! You want seafood? How about Arthur Treacher’s?

Although is no longer with us, she taught me an important lesson: food creates a bond and brings us together.

So, what is your favorite food memory?