Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gonna ramble on, sing my song..

So, apparently it’s en vogue to eat pasta and bread in public again! Italian restaurants are opening up all over the place in our area and boy; was I excited to see that my favorite bakery has re-opened! Now located in Pine Meadow, Collinsville Baking Company offers some of the best baked goods around. But isn’t it always about the bread? They offer several varieties, my personal favorites being the olive ciabatta and the 6-grain. Warm, crusty, chewy…They need no accompaniment, but a little butter or olive oil never hurts! (BUTTER I SAID, back off with the margarine!) Seeing their ad reminded me of a funny story…

I was pregnant with Jr. and every morning I would stop at the bakery for a lemon-ginger scone and coffee. Christmas was approaching, so I placed my holiday order for blueberry pie (if you ever see it offered, try one!!). Well, Jr. decided to make her appearance a month early. When we got home from the hospital there was a message from the owner asking me if I had my baby because I hadn’t shown up to pick up my pie or partake in my daily scone-fest. Apparently, I had a bit of an addiction to baked goods and it was affecting the bottom line….

If you’re driving through New Hartford, do check them out. Bread is fantastic, as are the pastries. I am looking forward to visiting their new location and falling back into some old habits!

In other random news:

- looks like Wasa-bi in Simsbury is closed; the full dumpster in the parking lot being the obvious clue.

- stopped by Simsbury Deli for a sandwich. New friendly owners, sandwich was skimpy, but the potato salad was the best prepared stuff I’ve had in recent memory!

Over and out.