Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Johnny Ad's - Old Saybrook, CT

Thanksgiving is over, the holiday rush is underway! Yippeeeee! My enthusiasm is convincing, yes? The onslaught of Christmas songs and chilly weather brings to mind one thing, the BEACH. I am reminded of the last warm summer weekend while driving through Old Saybrook. We decided to have lunch at a favorite spot, Johnny Ad’s. New Englanders take their seafood pretty seriously and everyone has an opinion about who makes the finest fried clams or lobster rolls. Me, I like a good scallop roll and Johnny Ad’s consistently delivers. (Although their lobster roll is legendary)

Johnny Ad’s is very casual. You place your order at the window; find a spot in the inside or outside dining area and wait for your number to be called. Once your tray of seafood goodness is placed before you, go back to your spot and dig in. Isn’t that the quintessential seafood shack experience?

The scallop roll is served on a toasted buttered roll. (everything should be served on buttered rolls; it is the equivalent of bacon) Generously sized with a light crispy coating, the scallops are bursting with sweetness. Squeeze a little lemon and a dollop of tartar sauce and YOU ARE IN HEAVEN. The roll is served with French fries and a side of slaw. Both are worthy accompaniments. (I’ve said this before…fries and slaw can be a deal breaker)

If you’re not into seafood, try their delicious hot dogs! Eat them there or head over to the waterfront and enjoy the scenery.